My photography continues to grow from my base in South Yorkshire, and whilst I cut my photographic teeth on that majestic corner of the world known as The Lake District, I now aim to capture the beauty of the world closer to home. Primarily, this involves The Peak District as well as local spots not part of any National Park. Also, with visits to California, Israel and China in recent years, elements of foreign landscapes are making appearances too!

It is details within the landscape that draw my eye, and this may be a tiny patch of light, a pattern, or an interesting feature. In my photographs I will show these details either within the whole panorama, or it will become the sole feature of the picture. In many cases, I have enjoyed building an intimate knowledge of locations, which has required repeated visits throughout the seasons and at different times of the day. This helps me to have a plan and a vision of what I want to achieve through the camera.

Barry Hutton